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2014 Articles

Don Pancho Origenes Rums now available in USA

December 20, 2014 at 1:15pm

The new artisan spirits division of Terlato Wines has announced the immediate availability of Don Pancho Origenes luxury rums from Panama across the United States, including the award-winning 8 year old, 15 year old and 30 year old expressions.

Don Pancho Fernandez's brand of Origenes luxury rum from Panama is now being distributed across the Unites States by the artisan spirits division of Terlato Wines.Don Pancho Origenes rums are produced in Panama by the legendary Cuban master rum blender Francisco "Don Pancho" Fernandez, who is globally recognized as one of the most experienced and respected rum blenders in the world. The brand marks Don Pancho's first rum under his own name. The contents of each bottle reflect a lifetime of expertise and vision.

After learning the distilling craft from his father, Master Distiller Don Ramon Corrales Fernandez, Don Pancho was instrumental in modernizing Cuba's rum industry in the 1970s. After a global conglomerate acquired Cuba's national brand, he relocated to Panama, where, in the 1990s, he discovered a neglected distillery in the Herrera region of Panama, which he built, with business partner Carlos Esquivel, into the Las Cabras Distillery.

At Las Cabras Don Pancho produced super-premium rums made with estate-grown, hand-harvested sugar cane in the Cuban tradition for many brands, while he watched and waited as the barrels of rum that he had been aging in Panama since the 1980s started showing some intriguing flavors and aromas. He soon realized that there was an opportunity to produce a blended aged rum under his own name -- one that would be his own personal expression of aged rum.

Crafted in the classic "Cuban style," Don Pancho Origenes rums are made with molasses from hand-harvested sugar cane and a proprietary yeast, are distilled in copper column stills and then aged in American Oak bourbon barrels of uniform size. Each barrel is hand selected by Don Pancho from his own private collection spanning decades. Renowned for his exacting standards, Don Pancho true-age-dates his rums by the age of the youngest rum in the blend, meaning the youngest rum in the 8-Year Old is 8 years old, and the same for the 18 and 30 year olds...

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Wicked Dolphin presents new Florida coconut rum

December 5, 2014 at 6:15pm

Award-winning Florida craft rum producer Wicked Dolphin has now released their long anticipated Wicked Dolphin Coconut Rum, available at retailers across Florida through Republic National Distributing Company and at Wicked Dolphin Distillery located in Cape Coral, Florida.

Consumers are enthusiastically embracing this authentic American rum with real coconut ingredients and a great tropical taste.

With sales of more than 260 cases within the first week and a half at the distillery, Wicked Dolphin knew instantly their new new coconut rum would be a hit.

"We have worked on our Wicked Dolphin Coconut Rum for over 2 years getting the taste just right," states JoAnn Elardo founder of WD. "I started by using natural ingredients from Florida and the coconuts in my backyard to come up with great tasting rum. We were looking to get rid of that suntan lotion taste and smell associated with other products...

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Montanya named official rum of Crested Butte Mountain Resort

December 5, 2014 at 4:15pm

As Crested Butte transforms into ski-town mode for the winter, local rum producer Montanya Distillers is toasting the season with an abundance of new happenings as the "official rum of Crested Butte Mountain Resort."

Montanya Distillers of Crested Butte, Colorado produces a number of award-winning rums, including their Oro Dark Rum and Platino Light Rum.Montanya Distillers has always been dedicated to giving customers the opportunity to get up close up and personal with its distillers, and to witness the unique process of making Montanya Oro and Platino rums.

A recent expansion in Crested Butte has allowed them a new and better way to achieve this goal.

When the company moved to a new building downtown a year ago, they focused first on expanding distilling in its larger facility two miles from downtown, in nearby Riverland Business Park. This fall, the company also installed two copper stills and four fermentation tanks in the downtown Tasting Room location to expand production and invite the public in for a more complete insider's look at the distilling process.

Montanya Distillers recently introduced a line of house-made bitters and artisan Oro rum truffles...

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Haunted Voyage Halloween cocktail from Owl's Brew

October 29, 2014 at 2:15pm

The lively combination of Owl's Brew tea -- specifically crafted for cocktails -- with Captain Morgan white rum and fresh grapefruit juice delivers a hauntingly refreshing libation well suited for celebrating the spooky holiday weekend.

A blend of tea, fruit, herbs, water and agave specifically made for mixing with fine spirits, the range of Owl's Brew products includes three expressions. The Classic offers English Breakfast Tea with citrus notes. Pink & Black features Darjeeling with hibiscus, lemon and strawberry flavors. The Coco-Lada combines black tea, chai spice, pineapple and coconut.

Traditional rum punch recipes of the 18th century often combined tea and baking spices with local fruit and strong spirits, enhanced with a balance of sweet and tart ingredients for a delightful and complex shared cocktail experience.

The Owl's Brew products offer a quality alternative to brewing and enhancing your own tea -- delivering floral, fruity and spicy ingredients -- thus allowing delicious libations to be easily created with your favorite spirits.

In a simple rocks glass with a black sugar rim, The Haunted Voyage cocktail delivers a bright and intricate refreshment with minimal effort.

Haunted Voyage
1 oz. Captain Morgan White Rum
2 oz. Owl's Brew The Classic
.5 oz. Grapefruit Juice

Directions: Shake and pour over ice into a rocks glass
Garnish: Black sugar rim...

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Real McCoy Rum partners with Davos to expand distribution

September 21, 2014, 2014 at 3:15pm

The up and coming rum brand The Real McCoy recently announced a strategic partnership with Davos Brands, an importer and marketer of luxury wines and spirits. Davos seeks to develop The Real McCoy brand nationally, focusing on building sales, distribution and marketing of its premium portfolio.

The quickly growing Davos Brands, which launched in July 2014 with Ty Ku Sake and Zyr Russian Vodka, partners with up-and-coming best in class wine and spirit brands to develop and execute innovative sales and marketing strategies under the leadership of the Company's Vice Chairman, Guillaume Cuvelier, founder and former CEO of Svedka Vodka.

Created by Bailey Pryor, an Emmy award winning filmmaker, The Real McCoy Rum was developed when Pryor was working on a documentary film based on famed Prohibition-era rum runner, Bill McCoy. The pioneer runner shipped the purest rum from Barbados to New York while remaining in international waters, three miles from the coast. McCoy's high quality rum was never cut with impurities like impersonator runners, and became known around the world as "The Real McCoy."

Intrigued and inspired by McCoy's story, Pryor set out to bring the original fabled rum back to the market. After securing the trademark for The Real McCoy, Pryor partnered with famed Master Distiller, Richard Seale from the Foursquare distillery in Barbados. Evidence suggests this is the same family-run distillery used by McCoy himself back in 1920, thus launching The Real McCoy Rum in the US inspired by the original recipes of 3, 5, and 12 year aged rums.

"The McCoy story is an amazing component of American history...

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Florida's Wicked Dolphin debuts RumShine flavored spirits

September 16, 2014, 2014 at 1:15pm

Florida craft distiller Cape Spirits today announced the addition of three new expressions to their portfolio of artisan spirits in the form of Wicked Dolphin RumShine -- made with locally-sourced produce and award-winning rum.

In addition to the new Apple Pie, Strawberry and Blueberry RumShine products, the company produces numerous cane spirits at their craft distillery in Cape Coral, Florida.

An homage to the pioneers that built Florida's sugar industry from the wilds of the Everglades, Wicked Dolphin's new RumShine flavored expressions are a reflection of a lost era of home-made spirits.

The tropical Everglades was worked by a rough bunch of hard-working laborers, known as Gladesmen. They worked tirelessly in the sweltering heat of the vast swamps infested with venomous snakes, battling savage alligators as big as boats.

These flavored rums won't be confused with the sweet syrupy style flavored rums offered by other brands. They're full of natural fruit flavor -- and they pack a bit of a punch.

"We take a lot of pride in using as many fresh, Florida ingredients as we can." says company president Joann Elardo. "Today, we are introducing three flavors: Apple Pie, Strawberry and Blueberry...

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Deep Island Wave organic rum from Hawaii

August 27, 2014, 2014 at 4:15pm

Hawaii Sea Spirits, producers of Ocean Organic Vodka, today announced the introduction of Deep Island "Wave" Hawaiian Rum.

Derived from local organic sugar cane and diluted with deep ocean mineral water, Deep Island Hawaiian Rum is produced at Hawaii Sea Spirits Organic Farm and Distillery in the small town of Kula on the island of Maui. The rum is expected to be available for purchase and sampling at The Farm starting September 1 before state-wide distribution in October.

As life-long surfers, the Smith family (founders of Hawaii Sea Spirits) has a deep respect for the ocean and the way it transfers energy -- through waves.

Their goal was to deliver an exceptional rum experience complete with all of the flavor and character found in their fresh pressed cane juice.

The design of the label represents an abstract interpretation of a wave crashing over lava rock shores.

"Deep Island Hawaiian Rum was inspired by our appreciation for sugar cane as a truly remarkable ingredient in creating distilled spirits," says Hawaii Sea Spirits Master Distiller, Bill Scott. "It's not only our goal but our passion to produce the cleanest, most mixable, luxurious spirits that showcase the unique qualities of the organic sugar cane and deep ocean mineral water blend."

"Named for its cultural relevance as much as its physical description of Hawaii, Deep Island Hawaiian Rum embodies the very spirit of our tropical islands," stated HSS CEO, Shay Smith. "Not only are the Hawaiian Islands the deepest in the world, but also our way of life is deeply rooted in horticultural nurturing. This particular clear rum is dubbed "Wave" to further depict our respect for the energy in water that brings life to our islands...

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Lost Spirits Cuban Style Rum from California

August 12, 2014, 2014 at 1:15pm

Master Distiller Brian Davis presents a richly flavorful and delightful expression -- Lost Spirits Cuban Style Rum -- suggesting the Cuban tradition of yesteryear.

Influenced by the traditional Cuban rums of yesteryear, the new Cuban Style 51 overproof rum from Lost Spirits Distillery delivers a potent and palatable expression combining hints of butterscotch and vanilla with complex tones of tropical fruit and spice.Using Grade A confection quality molasses, this spirit features banana added to the yeast starter for enhanced nitrogen content during fermentation. A relatively short fermentation period at cooler temperatures delivers more subtlety during this initial process than Lost Spirits' rich and robust Navy Style Rum.

The distillation method isolates the desired cut with high rectification to separate the more robust flavors often found in the tails. Toasted American Oak barrels impart a mild enhancement without overwhelming the subtle flavor profile. The master distiller's goal was to keep this 151 proof rum quite sippable and smooth in spite of the high alcohol content.

Initial aromas of pound cake, rich butter and hard candy lead to warm cinnamon, vanilla bean and dry dates with an earthy vegetal note before big cedar and white oak. On the palate, a small sip is big in the mouth but not hot, revealing butterscotch, fresh bread dough and vanilla wafer with molasses glaze. The complex flavor profile evolves into pepper and grassy cane before finishing with tobacco and a hint of cassia bark well into the pleasant dry finish.

Once again, Lost Spirits Distillery delivers a very interesting rum expression that challenges the norm...

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Banks Connoisseur's Cut aged rum from Jamaica, Guyana and Nicaragua

August 12, 2014, 2014 at 11:15am

A limited edition release, the Banks Connoisseur's Cut blend of robust aged rums from Jamaica, Guyana and Nicaragua is a noble expression that successfully balances big bold flavors from a multitude of rich authentic Caribbean marques.

From Master Blender Arnaud de Trabuc of Banks Rum, here is a limited edition masterful blend of fine aged rums from Jamaica, Guyana and Nicaragua. This is bottle number 110 of 250.These well chosen continuous and pot still aged rums were distilled in 2001 and 2012, then blended in 2007 before returning to oak casks for further aging.

The aroma begins with funky ripe banana over earthy toasted wood. A bouquet of rich dried fruit featuring apricot and citrus rinds leads to cashew and cigar box before resonating with gunpowder, oak and and bright pepper. On the palate, a big bold mouth feel presents initial sweet funky fruit on charred wood, then a delicious bananas foster over cedar plank that continues to evolve through the complex mid palate with notes of green banana and spices. The finish is long, woody and warm.

Founded by master blender Arnaud de Trabuc and R. John Pellaton, the Banks Rum brand is named for the 18th-century explorer Sir Joseph Banks...

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The Duppy Share blended aged rum debuts in UK

August 8, 2014, 2014 at 11:15am

The Westbourne Drinks Company of London has launched a premium expression of blended aged rums from Jamaica and Barbados -- The Duppies Share -- inspired by the legend of island duppies, the unseen gregarious forces of the Caribbean that conspire to steal a share of fine rum resting in barrels via evaporation.

In whiskey, the lost of spirit to evaporation is known as the angel's share. Duppies, on the other hand are said to be nefarious and egregious spirits that cause trouble.

The Duppy Share is distilled in the Caribbean by fourth generation rum masters before being shipped to London for bottling. The blend features bold, tropical fruit flavors from a fine three year old Jamaican rum balanced by smooth, oaky notes of an exceptional five year old Bajan rum, matured in American oak bourbon barrels to impart a golden hue and add subtle oaky, caramel flavors.

Designed as a premium rum to be sipped straight or enjoyed on the rocks, this spirit also works well in cocktails that are complimented by a rich, full bodied aged rum with bold notes of tropical fruit, baking spices and buttery caramel...

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Citrus Distillers creating private label spirits near Palm Beach

July 26, 2014, 2014 at 3:15pm

Citrus Distillers, a small artisan distillery in Riviera Beach, Florida is appealing to aspiring liquor brands and private labels by offering a complete solution to those wishing to initiate their own brand of spirits.

The facility includes three custom copper and stainless steel stills and a temperature controlled fermentation lab. The maturation section features various types of oak barrels, French barrels, Cypress and many other tank technologies.

Offering to help start-ups build their brand of whiskey, rum, vodka or gin, Citrus Distillers offers payment plans and set prices -- as little as $3,500 to get started, plus $4.30 per bottle. Premium and Ultra Grade spirits are priced at a higher rate.

The process of developing a unique recipe and producing the liquid might take as little as 30 days, but typically takes three to six months to develop a brand -- taking great care with recipe testing and dealing with licensing issues.

Dustin Skartved is the master distiller at Citrus. His stated philosophy is to use quality products and processes in every step of the project, beginning with fermentation and distilling test recipes, graphic label design, licensing and label registration and bottling.

Dustin advises that marketing could be considered a critical part of this process and offers to help new entrepreneurs with product placement.

This master distiller believes the most important step is a proper fermentation. "The big difference in our fermentation process is the local ingredients like sugar cane, corn, honey and sweet Florida molasses," said Dustin. "Our fermentation cycle takes 7 to 8 days...

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VooDoo Spiced Rum Infused with Hemp from California

July 10, 2014, 2014 at 1:15pm

3D Spirits today announced a new high-proof expression of spiced rum -- VooDoo Spiced Rum Infused with Hemp -- featuring an infusion of hemp along with Madagascar vanilla, dried fruit, and Caribbean spices at 46% abv.

The rum is distilled in the Caribbean from black strap molasses, then aged in American whiskey barrels before it makes its journey to Northern California to be blended with natural flavors and extracts.

VooDoo's hemp expression is meant to be a melding of three island cultures -- Caribbean, Tiki and Rastafarian, all with a common thread -- good vibes and good rum.

Brand creators Dan DaDalt (RedRum) and Michael Machat (Vampire Vineyards) came up with the idea of a hemp infused rum while enjoying a reggae show in Los Angeles.

"It seemed like a natural fit -- music, rum, hemp. We soon began experimenting with hemp flavors and extracts, which gives the rum an earthy note...

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Copacabana 1940 Rum Añejo from Panama

July 2, 2014, 2014 at 4:15pm

A new aged rum from Panama is being launched reflecting the storied lifestyle of the world famous Copacabana rooftop nightclub located in New York's Times Square.

Copacabana 1940 aged rum is said to be inspired by New York City of the 1940s, a time when the "Big Apple" was becoming the international capital of commerce and fashion; an era when music ruled the night at the legendary Copacabana.

Celebrity Chef Alex Garcia and Restaurateur Spencer Rothschild, partners in the Copacabana and Barrio Spirits in New York City, are introducing the smooth seven year old añejo rum to the spirits industry with an official launch event on July 8 at the iconic nightclub.

For the rum brand's first product, the two industry experts have assembled a team that includes former president and COO of Cruzan Rum International Jay Maltby, along with Barrio Spirits' Director of Sales Robert Rosenthal and the legendary Cuban Master Distiller, Francisco "Don Pancho" Fernandez...

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Don Pancho Origenes Reserva 8 year old aged rum from Panama

June 28, 2014, 2014 at 6:15pm

A new addition to the Don Pancho line of premium rums is the Origenes Reserva eight year old expression.

The spirit is produced from hand harvested sugar cane grown in the Las Cabras de Pese region of Panama, fermented locally with Don Pancho's proprietary strain of yeast and distilled in legacy copper column stills nearly one hundred years old before it is aged in White American Oak barrels for at least eight years.

The new eight year old Reserva blend ($40) is handcrafted by El Maestro Ronero Don Pancho Fernandez to compliment his previous eponymous expressions, including the award-wining Reserva Especial 18 year old ($90) and the magnificently rare Origenes Don Pancho 30 year old ($425).

These rums are known for their near-perfect balance, a testament to the fine art of the master blender.

At $40 a bottle, the new Don Pancho Origenes Reserva 8 year old is quite a bit more accessible and will be distributed widely, unlike his rare collectibles which are offered in very limited quantities.

This golden amber colored medium body rum forms fine legs in the tasting glass, a suggestion of long aging in oak barrels. Initial aromas of caramel and raw vanilla bean, cassia and roasted nuts lead to leather and charred oak over sherry, muscavado and vegetal cane. Over time, the tasting glass echoes increasingly bold and intense aromas of toasted wood. On the palate a sweet opening of buttery caramel, vanilla and leather are balanced by...

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South Bay Small Batch aged rum from Dominican Republic

June 28, 2014, 2014 at 2:15pm

Spirit Imports of Sunrise, Florida presents South Bay Small Batch aged rum, a delicious blended spirit from the Dominican Republic. Our bottle was marked Batch Number 18.

The rum is crafted by noted master blender Ron Maestro Pedro Ramon Lopez Oliver at Bodegas Hato Neuvo, near Santa Domingo, featuring the solera method -- blending older aged with younger aged rums -- which have rested in barrels previously used for bourbon, sherry, port, wine and single malt Scotch whisky.

The medium amber color of this 80 proof rum is delightful. Initial aromas of creme brûlée, ripe banana, muscavado, baking spices and bread pudding lead to a note of old oak above creamy vanilla, port wine and sherry. On the palate, buttery apple pie with butter pecan ice cream is accented by dried fruit and baking spices for a rich mouthfeel. In mid-palate a hint of nuttiness appears before a late warming sensation with notes of dark cacao, drying out in the end with lingering echoes of rancio wood, similar to a cognac profile...

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Lost Spirits Polynesian Inspired Rum from California

June 27, 2014, 2014 at 1:15pm

A unique offering inspired by the style of rum created in Fiji and Polynesian territories, the Lost Spirits Polynesian Inspired Rum from California is an overproof dark rum bottled at 66% ABV.

According to master distiller Bryan Davis, the process begins with a nitrogen-deprived fermentation of Grade A molasses enriched with wild bacteria banana dunder to create a high ester count, leading to a complex flavor profile.

Using a handmade 600 gallon copper pot still, the fermentation is gently distilled to retain much of the complex flavor. The final product is rested in late harvest Riesling seasoned virgin American oak barrels to impart a unique finish.

The rum contains no coloring or flavoring additives.

In the tasting glass, the rum is a medium dark mahogany color. Initial aromas of white raisins, bread, ripe banana, grilled pineapple and white wine are followed by dates, fruit leather, jasmine and cardamom. On the palate, the initial sweet grape note leads to red wine tannins over semi-sweet caramel, with funky wet wood and dark fruit balanced by an herbal bitter note. As an overproof rum bottled as cask strength, the mouthfeel is big, bold and robust, but not harsh, lingering long on the palate with a fruity finish.

The simple tall glass bottle contains a natural cork stopper. The label artfully blends Polynesian Moai sculpture with Victorian style adornments...

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Cruzan Peach Splash cocktail signals midsummer refreshment

June 20, 2014, 2014 at 12:15pm

Summer Solstice. The longest days of the year deserve the most refreshing libations. Sitting by the pool with an ice-cold cocktail, gathering with friends to celebrate the warmth of midsummer. What could be better?

Across the world, summer solstice celebrations are underway. In Persia, it's called Tiregân, with dancing, singing, reciting poetry and serving spinach soup.

In the Slavic countries, the Kupala goddess celebration is derived from the same Indo-European root as the name of Cupid, Roman god of love, which represents passion and desire.

In Finland, Juhannus celebrations of midsummer take place on midsummer eve, when many workplaces are closed and shops must close their doors at noon.

In France, the "Fête de la Saint-Jean" (feast of St John), is traditionally celebrated with bonfires that are reminiscent of Midsummer's pagan rituals.

In South Florida, it's more likely to be a poolside gathering to celebrate the season of sparse clothing, featuring tangy barbeque ribs and chicken on the grill along with great rum cocktails.

It's summertime and the living is easy.

The aroma of fresh peaches can evoke sublime delight. A touch of ginger is exhilarating and exotic. A fine rum from the U.S. Virgin Islands will bring tropical essence to the mixture. Fresh lemon will offer the perfect balance. A splash of tonic will provide a refreshing lift.

Our friends at Cruzan rum remind us it's time to incorporate the "Don't Hurry" into our lifestyle. Slow down and savor the season. Let's enjoy a cocktail custom made for a summer celebration with friends.

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Father's Day cocktails feature fine Guatemalan rum

June 10, 2014, 2014 at 2:15pm

If dad enjoys a fine rum libation, here's a couple of good suggestions that feature world famous Guatemalan rum to celebrate the occasion of Father's Day.

The Botran family of Guatemala produces some of the most highly acclaimed rums in the world. Among the most sophisticated are Botran Reserva and Solera 1893 family reserve.

The Reserva rum was specifically designed to bring full rich rum flavor to cocktails at an affordable price. The Solera 1893 family reserve is a luxury rum experience for those that appreciate the very best aged rum.

Here are two delicious cocktails to make for dad on his special day which highlight the fine taste of great rum when combined with simple ingredients.

Botran Vanilla Rum Cola

Botran and Ginger

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World Cup inspired cocktails from Fontainebleau Miami Beach

June 4, 2014, 2014 at 2:15pm

If you can't be in Brazil to witness the 2014 FIFA World Cup firsthand, the Fontainebleau Resort on Miami Beach is offering a world-class experience for those that enjoy Brazilian-inspired cocktails and international cuisine in a tropical setting.

La Cote, a chic restaurant situated beach and poolside with sweeping views of the ocean, great sunset vistas, and a large screen showing games, is offering several signature cocktails during World Cup festivities.

And that's not all. From oceanfront viewing parties on a giant screen and themed entertainment, to traditional Brazilian cuisine, Fontainebleau offers food and beverage options that perfectly complement World Cup.

If you can't join the festivities at Fontainebleau, here's a couple of their special cocktail recipes to share with friends to get everyone in the mood for World Cup.

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Bacardi announces Gran Reserva Maestro de Ron premium white rum

May 28, 2014, 2014 at 11:15am

Exclusive to global travel retail outlets, Bacardi today announced a new premium white rum expression -- Bacardí Gran Reserva Maestro de Ron -- that celebrates the legacy and skills of the great masters of rum, offering a more sophisticated trade-up option for rum enthusiasts.

Created by Bacardi's masters of rum, the blend was inspired by a recipe passed down through generations of Master Blenders and uses a slow-filtering of the blended rum -- aged up to 3 years -- through a unique coconut shell charcoal, creating this superbly smooth rum.

The upscale white rum expresses fruity, floral and vanilla notes with hints of walnut, oak and almond with a taste that is mellow, with slightly sweet notes and a hint of vanilla -- perfect to be enjoyed neat or on the rocks.

This innovative new product will be available exclusively in travel retail outlets.

Mike Birch, Managing Director, Bacardi Global Travel Retail, outlines the power of Bacardí Gran Reserva Maestro de Ron to deliver a vital new dynamic to the category, "The global super premium white spirits segment has grown strongly over the past decade and, backed by the unique quality and heritage of the Bacardí brand and its market-leading position in the category, we are seizing a clear opportunity to upgrade existing white spirits shoppers into the super premium white rum segment."

The company believes this unique offering will inject new levels of excitement among consumers that will ultimately lead to premiumization of the rum category as a whole.

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Captain Morgan issues 1671 commemorative rum blend

May 21, 2014, 2014 at 1:15pm

Captain Morgan rum brand today announced a new expression of spiced rum made in the US Virgin Islands, incorporating a blend of spices designed to provide a luxurious, full-bodied flavor.

Captain Morgan 1671 commemorative blend offers a taste of chocolate and dark fruits with hints of vanilla. Finished in Spanish Oak and delivered in a unique jug designed to reflect golden age of pirating, this new rum contains palatable elements derived from the type of barrels that were believed to have been on board his ships.

In 1671, Captain Henry Morgan set his sights on Panama City, the richest city in the western hemisphere. Amidst his raid and ultimate capture of Fort San Lorenzo, Morgan lost five ships, including his famed flagship: The Satisfaction. What will forever stand as a historic battle in Panamanian history now serves as inspiration for the Captain Morgan Rum Company's newest offering.

Available only for a limited time, Captain Morgan 1671 Spiced Rum not only celebrates the brand's legacy, but also provides adult consumers with a rare opportunity to enjoy a bold take on the Captain Morgan Rum Company's original blend.

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Black Tuesday cocktail marks Tax Day

March 4, 2014 at 3:15pm

April 15th is a day fraught with frantic, last minute trips to the post office, long hours spent digging through personal files and sometimes, big hits to the checking account. But this year, don't give into the hassle and stress. Celebrate tax day with The Real McCoy Rum, because of the role it played in abolishing one of the darkest periods in American history: Prohibition.

When the Great Depression hit, income tax no longer provided the government with enough revenue, leaving Uncle Sam searching for money elsewhere. That other source became the taxation on the sale of liquor, which spurred the end of Prohibition, filling the federal reserves and delighting American imbibers.

This year's looming Tax Day falls on a Tuesday -- giving double meaning to mixologist Brian van Flandern's cocktail The Black Tuesday, named for the infamous Stock Market Crash on Tuesday, October 29, 1929. This Prohibition-style cocktail tops the smooth finish of The Real McCoy 12-Year-Aged Rum with a splash of champagne...

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New package for Appleton Estate 21 Rum from Jamaica

March 4, 2014 at 3:15pm

One of Jamaica's finest rums, Appleton Estate 21 Year Old Jamaica Rum recently received an upgraded bottle and package, reflecting the unique stature of this legacy estate rum.

According to Andrea Conzonato, Chief Marketing Officer of Gruppo Campari, this evolutionary upgrade is in keeping with the Appleton Estate 21 Year Old Jamaica Rum's luxury credentials. "This is an evolutionary upgrade which underpins Appleton Estate 21 Year Old Jamaica Rum's luxury credentials. We felt that the packaging of this exceptional luxury rum from one of the world's most respected rum distillers should include a proprietary canister."

The new bottle is reminiscent of several very rare limited edition expressions released in recent years, such as the 30 and 50 year old collector's issues.

Appleton Estate 21 Year Old Jamaica Rum is a rare blend of the finest aged rums, a smooth sipping luxury rum that will please the palate of even the most discerning liquor connoisseur. The rums that make up Appleton Estate 21 Year Old were carefully selected for the unique character, flavor and bouquet that they bring to this exquisite rum. Each component in the blend has been aged for a minimum of 21 years in oak barrels.

The result is a powerful yet delicate rum with remarkable finesse and aromatic complexity, offering hints of mellow orange peel, deep vanilla, rich nutmeg, almond, warm coffee and cocoa notes.

Each bottle of Appleton Estate 21 Year Old Jamaica Rum is numbered and also comes with a certificate of age signed by Master Blender Joy Spence...

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Lost Spirits Navy Style Rum from California

March 1, 2014 at 4:15pm

Lost Spirits Distillery in Monterey, California today announced the newest addition to their family of intense spirits, a cask-strength high ester Navy style rum bottled at 68% ABV.

This 136 proof expression opens with bold, rich aromas of dark caramel and tropical fruit.

Master distiller and Blender Bryan Davis built a reputation for developing absinthe and whiskey using old-fashioned authentic fermentation and distillation methods. Now he has turned his attention to rum.

Bryan's spirits have earned him a gold medal from the Beverage Testing Institute, a silver medal from the San Francisco World Spirits Awards, a coveted mention in the Wine Enthusiast best of 2008 issue, a best-in-class rank for the absinthe in Imbibe Magazine, and 92 points from Anthony Dias Blue.

His 100% pot still rum is designed to make the rum enthusiast reconsider how one might define rum and challenge the convention of modern rums.

Lost Spirits Navy Style Rum is fermented from 100% Grade A baking molasses and evaporate sugar cane juice. This initial expression of his dunder series is made using a tropical fruit dunder of overripe banana, much the same way it might have been created for the British Navy hundreds of years ago. No additives, no sweeteners, and no coloring have adulterated this product.

The final distillate is matured in Sherry seasoned, virgin American Oak barrels, then bottled at cask strength.

The result is a rum like no other, with deep mahogany color, aromas of dark ripe fruit, a sweet earthiness, treacle and baking spice. On the palate, this overproof spirit expands boldly with robust complexity...

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Selvarey white and cacao rums from Panama

February 7, 2014 at 4:15pm

From the central regions of Panama -- via Hollywood, California -- Selvarey rums present outstanding profiles designed to be delightful and accessible to the growing legions of rum enthusiasts in the United States. Based on the Spanish translation of Jungle King (Selva Rey) these fine aged spirits are crafted by a master distiller and blender of great renown -- a king of rum in his own right.

Selvarey White Rum offers a medium viscosity, suggesting it's been well aged (up to five years) and filtered to remove most of the color. The nose reveals subtle hints of vanilla and mineral water with soft sweetness, buttered toast and a touch of fresh cane. The palate finds a delicate balance of grassy cane, vanilla and spices leading to a medium dry finish. At 80 proof, this is an exceptional white rum for fine cocktails and plays well as a sipper.

The cacao rum is most surprising. Before you can assume this flavored rum might rely on a gimmick or chintzy flavor agent layered on a cheap rum substrate, think again. Here is a well-crafted five year old Bourbon cask blend with a hauntingly familiar infusion of cocoa that will trigger a comfort food memory from your past.

This is one of the few flavored rums that drinks like a sipping rum. While your palate expects sweetness, Selvarey Cacao rum delivers a rich aged rum profile at 70 proof with a highly compatible chocolate note that delights the senses, leading to a warm, medium dry finish. On the rocks, Selvarey Cacao rum opens up with accentuated tones of creamy vanilla and toasted oak, again without the expected sweetness.

Master Blender Don Pancho Fernandez took two decades to perfect his method for successfully infusing a fine aged rum with cacao. You might well agree the results were worth waiting for when you sample this delightful spirit.

Selvarey rums are created by Don Pancho in Panama using his antique copper stills. The rums are bottled and imported by Pacific Plate Spirits of California. The suggested list price of the white rum is $24.99 for the 750ml bottle; $28.99 for the cacao.

Tiburon double aged rum from Belize

February 7, 2014 at 2:15pm

A double barreled aged rum from the Central American country of Belize, Tiburon is a small batch hand crafted spirit made from molasses at an old family owned distillery near the shores of the Caribbean Sea.

After initial time resting in American Oak whiskey barrels, the rum is re-casked by master blenders into Kentucky Oak Bourbon barrels for the second maturation to allow the natural tannins to give the rum a rich golden color.

Tiburon double aged rum was developed by Basil DeStefano in his quest to bring the finest aged rum from Traveller's Liquors of Belize to the United States. The extra attention to detail in the aging process delivers subtle hints of vanilla and salty caramel with ripe banana, butterscotch and toasted oak, followed by a semi-dry smooth finish.

The spanish word for shark, Tiburón evokes a sense of the majestic, untamed tropical spirit of Belize, known for its outstanding coral reefs, blue holes and pristine beaches.

The bottle includes a shark tooth around the neck and an image of the shark placed dominantly on the label. The 750ml bottle carries a suggested retail price of $34.99.

Captain Morgan white rum expression announced

February 5, 2014 at 7:15pm

Known world-wide for their Captain Morgan spiced rum, Diageo has announced a new clear expression which is five times distilled with a goal to deliver a clean, slightly sweet and creamy spirit with hints of lush fruit and green apple. Captain Morgan White Rum was developed and produced in the U.S. Virgin Islands to be remarkably crisp and carry a smooth finish.

"Captain Henry Morgan was a world-renowned privateer who paved the way for countless adventurers," said Tom Herbst, Vice President of Marketing, Rums for Diageo North America. "It's with that same spirit that we developed Captain Morgan White Rum, the first-ever white rum from a brand that people know and love. It's a superior, quality rum that possesses a much smoother taste, and we aim to stake our claim in this category in an explosive way."

At 80 proof (40% ABV), Captain Morgan White Rum will be available widely across the Unites States for a suggested retail price of...

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Emilio Estefan declared new face of Botran Rum

February 5, 2014 at 6:15pm

Veteran music producer Emilio Estefan of Miami recently announced his intention to promote Guatemala's Botran Rum with the mantra "The Night Begins with Botran" based on his belief that this iconic brand shares his core values and traditions of excellence.

"Personally, I understand what it means to take great pride in what you produce, I have the utmost respect for the product that Botran creates. This relationship provides a platform for me to introduce a product that I truly enjoy to everyone around the world," says Emilio Estefan. "Initially, I was drawn in by the distinctive flavors found in this aged rum. I feel it complements our most exciting moments. Once I learned about the brand's history and their unique production method, I was convinced this would be a great alliance."

The Botran family has been the first family of Guatemala rum production since 1939 with a unique process that utilizes pure cane honey, efficient distillation and sophisticated aging facilities located above the clouds in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

"As a premiere Latin artist, tastemaker and global icon, Emilio embodies what our brand stands for...

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Rum cruises to Caribbean islands announced

January 27, 2014 at 2:15pm

Hosts of the Miami Rum Renaissance Festival today announced a series of special Caribbean voyages in November dedicated to the enjoyment and discovery of fine rums of the Eastern Caribbean.

The 2014 Rum Renaissance Caribbean Cruise aboard the Royal Caribbean Jewel Of The Seas takes place November 22-28, 2014 during the week of Thanksgiving.

Departing from Puerto Rico, the itinerary includes stops in the British Virgin Islands, St. Kitts, St. Maarten, Martinique and Barbados before returning to Puerto Rico.

Robin Burr and her husband Robert are organizing the tour, featuring visits to distilleries, rum tasting sessions, shopping for rare and exclusive rums and unique opportunities to appreciate Caribbean rum culture along the way.

Jewel of the Seas, a dazzling Radiance-class ship, combines sleek swiftness, panoramic vistas, and wide-open spaces for a delightful cruise getaway.

Members of the International Rum Expert Panel (RumXPs) will be onboard offering insight and expert advice for rum enthusiast passengers.

Another similar itinerary in early November -- The Rum Journey Caribbean Cruise -- will be lead by RumXP member Paul Senft.

This unique eight day repositioning cruise aboard the Carnival Splendor departs San Juan, Puerto Rico on November 1, 2014 and visits five rum-rich islands. The Splendor will visit St. Croix, Martinique, Dominica, Grenada, and Grand Turk...

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New reports declare Renaissance of Rum

January 25, 2014 at 2:15pm

The first annual report from (a website offering drinks inspiration and education from the UK's favorite alcohol brands) reveals tastes have changed with consumers now buying and drinking more rum than ever before. The trend of mixing together sour, bitter flavored cocktails is also on the rise.

The Wall Street Journal reports that recent sales figures indicate rum is moving to the forefront of consumers' interest. In some regions, rum is now more popular than Champagne. For example, the top 25 selling rums have increased in sales volumes in the U.K. by 6,247,800 liters in the past year.

The combination of increased rum sales and rising interest in fine cocktails has been predicted by leading exerts in the rum category for some years.

Ian Burrell is a global rum educator, ambassador, bartender and public speaker based in London. His Rum Experience University offers professional level master classes and his Rum Fest U.K. is the largest rum theme event in Europe.

"Consumers are discovering the magnificent range of great rums from tropical regions," said Burrell. "At the same time, the best bartenders and mixologists around the world are integrating these fascinating spirits into enchanting libations using fresh natural ingredients and classic techniques. The result is a grand renaissance of appreciation for fine rum and cocktails."

In the United States, the annual Rum Renaissance Festival was recently voted best festival in Miami.

Returning to the DoubleTree Miami Airport Convention Center April 25-27, 2014, the world's largest rum festival has steadily been placing more emphasis on great rum cocktails. After conferring with organizers of London Cocktail Week, festival organizers in Miami recently revealed plans to incorporate a series of VIP cocktail parties into the week-long spirits celebration under the banner of Miami Cocktail Week.

"Miami is enjoying a great revival of classic and innovative cocktail bars," said Robin Burr, festival organizer. "Five years ago there were merely a handful of notable cocktail venues in South Florida. The landscape has changed dramatically in the past few years with dozens of very high quality venues now offering world-class tipples to a growing legion of cocktail enthusiasts."

"It's time for Miami to shine a spotlight on the best cocktail venues, the best bartenders and the best spirits which are leading the way in this cocktail revival movement."

Wicked Dolphin announces new Florida Spiced Rum

January 8, 2014 at 5:15pm

Florida craft distiller Cape Spirits today announced the addition of a new expression to their portfolio of artisan spirits: Wicked Dolphin Florida Spiced Rum.

The company produces Wicked Dolphin rums in Cape Coral, Florida. The spiced rum is available now through Republic National Distributing Company, as well as at their visitor's center and distillery in Cape Coral.

Cape Spirits took their time to thoughtfully develop a Spiced Rum that is distinctively reminiscent of Florida. Made with premium Florida sugarcane, the new blend offers sultry notes of Florida oranges and honey, accented by a vanilla undertone and a fresh-ground baking spice finish. They also add some aged rum to give it a smoother and more mature flavor profile.

"We really take pride in using as many fresh Florida ingredients as possible," says JoAnn Elardo, owner of Wicked Dolphin Florida Rums.

"At the distillery, we enjoy a good Rum and Coke so, we are very happy to present our Florida Spiced Rum to our loyal fans because we know that it enhances the traditional Rum and Coke flavor. Our Florida Spiced Rum has a creamy, warm vanilla taste, along with a spicy citrus finish that creates the perfect combination for enhancing this time-honored beverage. We call it a "Wicked Coke."

Wicked Dolphin's hand-crafted white rum earned a gold award in the RumXP tasting competition...

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April 2014 Miami Rum Festival expands size and scope

December 30, 2013 at 7:15pm

The organizers of the Miami Rum Festival today announced plans for greatly expanding their annual gathering of rum producers, professionals and enthusiasts. Returning to the Doubletree Hotel Miami Airport Convention Center for three days of rum tastings and programs, the world's largest rum festival is set for April 25-27, 2014 with more than 50,000 square feet of exhibits.

The three days of grand tasting sessions allow participants to evaluate hundreds of notable rum brands and expressions from around the world, in addition to expert seminars, lively entertainment and laid-back island lifestyle products.

"We're expanding the size and scope of the festival again this year," said show manager Robin Burr. "Rum producers from many more countries will participate in the exhibition, bringing an exceptional selection of cane spirits to a larger audience of consumers that appreciate fine rums."

The admission price of $50 (or $75 for VIP access) allows participants to sample any of the rums on display Saturday and Sunday, April 26 and 27. The Friday, April 25 Trade Day grand tasting session is reserved for those in the spirits industry and VIPs, as well as members of the press.

"There is no better way to discover all the best rums in the world from so many different countries," said Burr. "We're excited to introduce many new upscale luxury rums to our friends that appreciate the finest quality."

"At the same time, we see that hand-made cocktails are all the rage in the best bars around the world so we'll also emphasize rums that make the best cocktails as we introduce Miami Cocktail Week during the rum festival."

Rum enthusiasts from all over the world are coming to Miami to experience the ultimate rum tasting experience. "We're seeing a great increase in travelers attending the rum festival from all the islands of the Caribbean, as well as Europe and Asia," said Burr.

Miami is the number one rum market in the world. Miami Rum Fest was voted best festival in Miami.

International Rum Expert Panel judges from across the United States, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, England, Australia, Sweden and Holland will converge in Miami to judge rums for their annual tasting competition, awarding the best of the best with gold medals.

For more information call Robin Burr in Miami at 707-278-6736 or visit the web site: